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Converting bathroom to shower

Hello there!

Just bought a home built in 1940. Quickly realized that, in order to use the main floor bath as a shower, will need to tile or protect the wall above the tile line (walls are tiled up to 3.5 feet in the bathroom - possibly original tile). Lathe and plaster walls seem to be in really good shape. Is there a way to tile the wall without demoing or otherwise removing the plaster from the tile up? Really want to preserve the tile work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Re: Converting bathroom to shower


What is missing from your original 1940 tub surround is any type of moden waterproofing. Back then we relied on the massive amount of ceement behind the tiles to keep the water from penetrating to the studs. Most of the time this worked just fine. Sometimes it didn't. The area above the tile is made from the same thick original mud with wout the tile and some more ceement.

Ideally you should rip it all down and install a modern, waterproofed shower surround with all new plumbing. While you save the money for a new bathroom, in the mean time you can;

Use a liquid waterproofing membrane on the area above the existing tile where you want new tile. Tile the area as usual. Caulk the changes of plane with 100% silicone.

Ocourse you realize this is a band-aid solution.

Re: Converting bathroom to shower

Thank you for the reply. Definitely something that needs to be researched further, but you have confirmed what we were already thinking.

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