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Converting 2 story greatroom into 2 rooms

We have a 2 story family room and we are wanting to convert the room into 2 rooms. By adding a ceiling/floor. I would like to contract the framing the ceiling out and I would do the sheetrock and flooring and HVAC and wiring.

Here on some specs on the room: 13x17.

I assume the joint will run on the 13' wall. Here is the problem. The HVAC vent is where the ledger would go. Below are pics:

How would I run the HVAC?

I just want to make sure that I am educated before talking to the contractor. The other questions that I have are what size lag bolts would be used to connect the ledger to the studs? Also, would you use a lag bolt on every stud? Also, on the floor joints how far would I space them? 12" or 16"?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Converting 2 story greatroom into 2 rooms

If you look on the 1st picture, that is our kitchen in the back. We are going to split the room to the front of the picture into 2 rooms instead of a 2 story open family room. If you see the attached picture, you will see what I am trying to do. The picture on ground level looking up. I hope this doesn't confuse you by my lack of a poor drawing.


Re: Converting 2 story greatroom into 2 rooms

Your orginal description was understandable but no one can say how the existing joists run.
So guessing that where the bedroom wall is in the center and if the other bedroom wall cantilevers may be the joists run left to right in your drawing. Do they sit on top of the support beam or are they hung off the support beam no one can see that here. Is that support beam strong enough for the added load you want to include with the second floor?
On the left of your picture how is the outside wall framed?
Maybe there is a top/bottom plate the joists can rest on which means there may not need to be any type of ledger.
To be honest all the framing questions will have to be answered by the contractor that will be doing the work there. You might also hire an engineer or architect to go over your plans since they will have a better understanding what's involved there.
As for the HVAC that's something that a pro should be doing, it's really not a do it yourself thing.The one vent isn't a big deal but what about the supply and returns for the upper addition.

Re: Converting 2 story greatroom into 2 rooms

Shannon ... hiring an architect or engineer would be the right thing to do.
While the contractor that will be doing the framing should have a good idea of what will be required ... however ... a good contractor will also seek the advice of an engineer regarding the structure. The engineer or architect will advise you what is required.

It's impossible to say over the internet what is what and how with your home's structure.

Whether the joists will be dimensional or manufactured the closer together for spacing will provide a stronger floor combined with the size of those joists.

I have to agree that HVAC is a tricky venture and you should consider having a HVAC company run the supply and return ducting.

Hope this helps. :)

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