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Converting a 2-pipe radiator to a kickspace heater


I have a 1900 Victorian home with a 2-pipe hydronic heating system. I want to convert a radiator in a 2nd floor bathroom to a kickspace heater.

The radiator is fed by 1.25" feed and return lines and the circulator is on the large house-main return line in the basement. My plan was to maintain the origional design, and connect the feed and reutn lines at the radiator. To feed the 0.5" kickspace heater I wanted to use Bell & Gossett Monoflow tees on both the feed and return lines before they connect to one another and create a parrell loop, one with the origiaonl diameter and the other through the kicksapce heater. I believe that this system will work.

My question is, can I get rid of all of the old iron 1.25" pipe that is running from the basement to the second floor and create the parrell system that I described above but with a much shorter loop of 1.25" pipe and a much longer 0.5" run from the basement to the 2nd floor. In this I would connect the 1.25" feed line to the 1.25" return through a simple 1 or 2 foot horseshoe in the basement with one monoflow tee pushing water up to the kickspace and the other pulling it back down. Will this circulate enough water the 20 or so feet up 2 stories and then back again? Will this much shorter 1.25" loop put my system at an imbalance?

Thanks for the help!


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