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convert single to double pane sash

We have a bazillion double hung sash windows in our 1911 Bungalow. Anyone know of articles or techniques for making new or converting single pane windows to double pane (for the insulative value)



Re: convert single to double pane sash

id i'm not mistaken TOH did an old victorian house a few years ago, not sure but i think it might have been in Newton, MA. in that episode they called in a guy to convert all their single paned windows to double paned insulated glass ones. maybe someone else here would know how to find that info.....but it can be done

Re: convert single to double pane sash

Marvin Windows has a system where you take out your old sash, put in their jambs and their insulated sash. I just found out about it and don't have anymore information, but you might want to contact them for the total package of information.

Calcats ;)

Re: convert single to double pane sash

Advice if you want to convert or install new double pane windows sash for your home, be sure to acquire the most suitable material which is kind of aluminum and must be completely sealed to avoid moisture and is excellent for your upgrade.

Re: convert single to double pane sash

Just a guess, but I believe it would be cheaper to install storm windows. But in the mean time make sure the weather stripping is is good usable sahpe, that will say you more energy than double pains.


Re: convert single to double pane sash


I think you are correct is suspecting that a well weatherstripped window and a well fitted storm window is cost effective and almost the equal of new high tech windows. I found this article interesting: www.starcraftcustombuilders.com/windows.htm#VwSfrhHZYbt
The gist of the article is that the payback period for new windows in terms of energy savings is horrendous.

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