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Controlling Mold On House With A Mirror

I have heard that mold growing on the north side of a house is due (in part) because of the added moisture and lack of sunlight. I get tired of cleaning our siding and there is plenty high enough that it becomes very difficult to clean.

We have a fence about 40 feet behind our house and I had the thought of placing a large convex mirror (like the ones you see in the corner of stores) on the fence and position it so that it reflects sunlight onto the house. My thought is that this might help deter or prevent the mold from growing due to the introduction of sunlight.

Is this crazy talk? :eek: Deluded ranting of a desperate home owner?

Let me know what you think. Let me know if you have any references to literature which addresses this.


Re: Controlling Mold On House With A Mirror

I say do it.

Sounds just as reasonable / crazy as anything else you could try. Large fans blowing air would cost electricity and make noise. Mirrors are "solar" powered and quiet.

Can you get a tax credit for your new solar powered mold remidiation machine?

Re: Controlling Mold On House With A Mirror

Something like Safe Shield Mold and Mildew Blocker Should work pretty well. :confused: You may have to apply it once a year.

Re: Controlling Mold On House With A Mirror

LOL! Nice idea but it won't work so well. The part of sunlight which inhibits mold is the UV rays. Glass doesn't pass these well (though enough gets through to fade carpets in houses). The sun would lose some UV passing through the glass. More would be lost in the reflective coating on the back of the glass. Then you lose even more UV as it passes through the glass going back outside the mirror.

Each loss is a percentage, and by the time you add those percentages up you've lost a lot of efficiency and UV power. I can't give you those exact figures but from Solar Panel work I know it's there- this is why you don't see damage-sensitive Solar Panels covered with anything more durable for protection.

I gotta say I like the free-thinking going on here because sometimes the 'craziest' ideas turn out to be the best solution or at lease a workable one. Shoot, give it a try if you want to and let us know what happens!


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