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Contractor tiled uneven; advice

We are having our bathroom remodeled by a contractor. The floor was just done and the tile under the sliding pocket door is visibly uneven by little more than 1/4 inch and extends all the way to the corner. This is enough to prevent the pocket door from closing. The contractor suggested we just raise the door a bit to compensate this. I am not sure this is the correct solution.

I further investigated in the basement under the bathroom and see the sub floor off the cross beam that 1/4". It looks like when the bathroom was remodeled years ago they placed a new piece of wood floor, didn't cut it straight enough, and so it wedged too tight to go down flush. Thus, I guess the previous tile was uneven, but just not noticeable.

To save on some cost and time, I removed all the tile before the tile contractor arrived. Is that unevenness something the tile guy should have noticed and addressed before tiling?

Am I being unreasonable to tell the contractor to remove half the tile floor to the point of unevenness fix the floor board and re-tile the area at his cost?

Re: Contractor tiled uneven; advice

1- Yes

2- No. Are these tiles being laid directly over plywood? :eek: If yes, then they all come out and either CBU or Ditra or a membrane will need to be added. While tile can be applied directly to plywood, it has strict requirements which are enough so that most pro's will not do it.

Take some pictures and start a thread over on the John Bridge Tile Forum. Tell them we said hello.

Re: Contractor tiled uneven; advice

In floor tiling, 1/4 inch at one joint is about half a mile, but that distance across an entire floor might be acceptable. If the subfloor wasn't tight to the joists, the contractor should have found and fixed that before tiling above it. It may have incurred an extra expense, but no good craftsman is going to place good work over a bad surface, knowing their work is going to fail because of that.

And that is a clue as to how good the contractor is. I'd demand a repair, being willing to cover the extra expense for the subfloor repairs but not for the tilework which should not have been applied above it. That is a good compromise for all involved and a good lesson for the tiler to learn.


Re: Contractor tiled uneven; advice

Have you paid this tile man in full?

If not, get him back to redo the job, but you will have to fix the subfloor.

If yes, ask him politely to do something better than what he proposes. If he gives you the run around, seek court action, assuming that you had a written contract.

Re: Contractor tiled uneven; advice

I agree with the others here...you pay for the subfloor repair, but he eats the cost of the new tile & the cost (his time) of redoing the tile.

When my bathroom was done, we ripped up everything...even the subfloor. My tile guy laid the new subfloor down & it wasn't plywood! I don't recall what he called it, but before he screwed it down, we laid a long level on the floor in many spots & many directions. The entire floor had maybe a 1/8" difference at the worst. The bubbles were just about dead on in the center.

He told me that if it were much worse than that, my tile job would crack & fail. He was super cautious to get it as level as he possibly could in a 1916 house!

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