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Re: Contractor sheetrocked over my AC Vents

I think Fencepost's suggestion of using a fish tape is an excellent idea.

Sounds like it might work. A guy could also stick a ping-pong ball on the end to aid in passage.

Re: Contractor sheetrocked over my AC Vents

Get the original contractor back to fix it!
They should have done it right the first time.
Now it will cost him more to do it right the second or third time.
Maybe he will learn from his mistakes??
Unfortunately, NOT, once a hacker always a hacker!
Nobody is perfect, but why has he not come to take care of his OVERSIGHT!!!
It is your aggravation, but you must make it the contractors aggravation also. You paid for the job to be done correctly and completely! You would not allow your auto mechanic to do a brake job and not put the tires back on your vehicle.
Give it to them!
Good luck!

Re: Contractor sheetrocked over my AC Vents

call the contractor back and see what he has to offer. Sometimes being nice can get you better results. You can always play hard ball later. Didn't they use up all the mud on the drywall?:)

Re: Contractor sheetrocked over my AC Vents

I don't feel like reading back through the whole thread, but didn't the original poster say something about the contractor being out of business?


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