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Contemplating Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hello all,
I recently purchased a lovely old farmhouse with a bedroom addition. The main part of the structure was built in the 1930's and it was restored and remodeled by the previous owners around 10 years ago. It's a pier and beam with a rock foundation in the older part and a slab in the newer addition.

Aside from a few things that need to be done such as adding a couple of crawlspace vents to the south side of the house and adding some guttering, the house is in pretty good shape....

BUT.... the previous owners were DIY folks who chose a cheap laminate plank for the flooring. It's a floating floor so it hasn't buckled, but it's taken a few chips and dings, and the edges of the planks are bubbling up.

The subfloor underneath was replaced when they redid the floor but, because the house has settled, I doubt there's a level floor in the place with the exception of the addition. I don't have the money, knowledge or time to undergo a house leveling project at this time, though if I can in the future I will be doing so.

All of that background brings me to my question....

I want to get rid of the laminate. I've had it before and never been happy with it. And I don't like what we've got here any better.

We run a sanctuary for small dogs, and most of our residents are either in the categories of ancient, abused, crippled or long term illness. I need something that will stand up to claw traffic, have good traction, and be easy to clean/not take damage if there's a bodily fluid accident

I am contemplating vinyl plank flooring to replace the laminate. I've been told it has all the above requirements and that it's waterproof. And I've seen commercial vinyl plank in several hospitals and Dr's offices here that I was very impressed with. It looks great and it looks like it would be what we need.

Anyone know anything else about it? Would it work well in a situation like this if we installed a floating vinyl plank floor? Should we tear out the laminate or floor over it?

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