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Construction project duirng bad weather

Hello all, I need to add to my question about my construction project. So here is a follow up question to the previous one. You all had great advise on the first question so hopefully you will have some more!!!

We are adding a second story to our existing home. In order to not disturb the 1st floor ceiling the existing roof joist will be Left as is a a new second floor floor joists will be installed over them. There is currently insulation in the old roof joist consisting of paper backed insulation with the paper side facing to the living space and blown insulation above that. It is in good condition no mold or damage of any type. We are leaving the existing insulation as. The first floor has a forced air HVAC system and the second floor will get a new HVAC system as a separate zone.

So the question, the weather has been terrible up north. We want to get going but are afraid of removing the roof during these endless storms for fear of rain/snow damaging the insulation and the first floor of the house which has already been refinished. I was considering placing a heavy blue tarp over the existing roof joist and leaving it there permanently and adding the new floor joist above it. Any problems, moisture condensation issues between the two floors/zones? Does anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks Ike

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