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constructing a partition wall

My wife and I just bought our first home, which has a smallish single car garage attached to the house, with laundry hook up in the back of the garage. For years, I've been pining for a wood-working shop, and would like to install a partition wall with a 36" door toward the back of the garage to separate the space into a workshop and laundry/mud room with some pantry shelving.

The garage floor is poured concrete, and the ceiling is 8'5" (just high enough to preclude using 8' lumber for studs... :(). I do intend to use the partition wall to hang shelving on both sides of the wall, so I'm concerned about ensure it is properly anchored. The top plate should be easy enough to attach, since the wall will run perpendicular to the attic trusses, but I'm unsure about two things:

What is the best way to attach the sole plate to the floor? I've heard varying answers from contractors, ranging from mechanical fasteners to simple adhesive. I'm leaning toward mechanical fasteners, but I've never tried to attach anything to concrete before and don't really understand how to do that without causing serious damage to the floor.

The garage is finished with drywall, and I'm not sure if the studs in the walls line up on opposite sides of the garage. I would prefer to position the wall so that the ends can be anchored into existing studs, but I doubt I will get that lucky, lol. What are my options of the existing studs don't line up? Do I need to open up the drywall and install a stud at the appropriate spacing?

I am chomping at the bit to get started on this project, since we desperately need the storage space, especially for the pantry. I'd appreciate any suggestions/advice...

Re: constructing a partition wall

First you can always use 8 ft. studs and double up on the cap and/or sole plate.

There are many fasteners that can be used for the concrete, some you drill holes and insert a raw plug, or studs that are expandable and self locking. Or you can get concrete nail guns that shoot concrete nails with a 22 blank.

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