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Consequences of removing attic insulation and inserting baffles

Is there a risk to the home if the insulation over the exterior walls is removed or reduced to allow space for air intake when new baffles, edge-vents and a ridge vent are installed on a house with no soffit? Background: I have a 1939 house with no eaves or soffits. There is a finished room in the attic. Blown insulation is encapsulated inside a cardboard-like covering along the entire roof line as well as along the knee walls. There is no insulation along the exterior side walls in the attic. Heat and cold collect in the open spaces (behind knee walls) and seep into the house.


The baffles extend from the tip of the roof line and end 1 to 1-1/2 feet above the roof edges below. There was blown in insulation along the entire roof when the old wood was removed. 2" of insulation was removed in each rafter bay to make space for the baffles (DCI Smartbaffles were used). In that last 1 to 1-1/2 feet (at the base of front and back of roof), the insulation was completely removed from over the exterior walls (front and back) to ensure that the blown insulation would not pull up and get into the baffles when air flowed from the edge-vents up the baffles out of the ridge vent. See pics below for roof before and after partial insulation removal and addition of baffles. Wood later placed over baffles.


I am concerned that not placing the baffles the entire length of each rafter bay and removing insulation from over the exterior walls, may create not just temperature discomfort within the house, but may also result in condensation and eventual mold/mildew issues down the road.


I would like to gather other thoughts and experiences to determine if I'm worried over nothing or need to ask the contractor to revisit their strategy on handling the baffle placement and insulation removal. Thank you for your input.

Re: Consequences of removing attic insulation and inserting...

From the pictures, it a little bit late to be talking with the contactor about this. This is something that you should have brought up to the Engineer/Architect when they were planning the work to be done.

With the age of the structure, I would not have done any of this work. The house was designed to breathe just fine before you started.

Speak to the Architect about the placement of the baffles, or read the instrauctions on the package. That will tell you and answer your questions about the placement and the amount of air gap required.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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