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Condensation in bathroom skylight?

I have just finished painting one of our bathrooms which has a skylight. Tonight I thought I saw what looked like water stains at the base of the skylight running down the wall. Upon closer inspection that is what I found along with small bits of ice where the condensation had ran down the pitch of the window and dripped down off of the skylight on to the walls. How can I stop this from happening? The moisture was on the majority of the molding around the skylight. I live along lake Michigan in Wisconsin, it is of course winter and our current temp is in the single digits I keep the house between 68 and 70 degrees. The skylight faces west and the heat register in the bathroom is also on the west wall under the skylight. The bathroom has not been used for a while so there have been no hot showers or baths to steam it up. The house is a ranch, I don't know much about the skylight other than it was installed when the house was built and hopefully right. Thanks in advance!

Re: Condensation in bathroom skylight?

Is this the first year you are getting condensation?

I had a similar problem with two skylights in our kitchen. These had window wells in a cathedral ceiling where the warm air would get trapped and condensation would form. Last winter I built interior storm windows and there has been zero condensation since.

You could try a temporary interior storm of heavy plastic to see if it solves the problem before doing anything more permanent.

I found an old pic right after I put it in. It is trimmed out a little nicer now, but you get the idea.

Re: Condensation in bathroom skylight?

It's also possible the seals on the sky light are leaking and cold air from outside is entering inside and condensing the warm inside air. Usually evidence of ice indicates cold air drafts are occurring.

Try covering the sky light as suggested.

Re: Condensation in bathroom skylight?

Thanks for the replies, sorry I don't have a pic I will try and get one on. But my skylight is similar to to bp21901's. The bathroom ceiling is not vaulted so there is a 6 foot well up to the skylight where a lot of warm air can get trapped. This is the first year we have had the house so I can't say if it happened last winter. However when I was up there painting there was no visual evidence of any water damage prior.

Re: Condensation in bathroom skylight?

couple other q's....

Do you know the make / model of the skylight by chance, or how old it is? Can you open it or is it fixed, single or double pane? Ours is a Velux, active, double pane.

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