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Concrete steps Crumbling

:eek:Now that the snow is finally clearing, we noticed that the 10-12 concrete steps leading to our front door are literally crumbling away. Its as if a top layer has disintegrated exposing the rock component and rough surface of the concrete. How do I fix this? I noticed some of my neighbors have done DIY jobs and skim-coated over the mess, but I also notice that is now crumbling too. Is it worth calling in the pros? My husband says it has nothing to do with salt use, but I say the previous owners were salt-happy and thats what caused this! Thoughts?

Hank Bauer
Re: Concrete steps Crumbling

iIt's the salt

Re: Concrete steps Crumbling

the calcium in the salt gets into the concrete and breaks it down. if you put it on fresh concrete its even worse

if you do patch it youll need to chip away around the bad areas with a hammer and cold chisel to get down to good sound concrete then patch it

may just be as easy to jack hammer the whole thing away and replace it with a small deck

Re: Concrete steps Crumbling

i have the same issue... i did not use salt this year and unaware if salt was used in the past 2 years... home was empty.... but my steps in the front are just crumbling away... im not sure they can be saved or repaired.. for some reason can not get contractor out to give estimate.. they never show... very frustrated:confused::confused:

Re: Concrete steps Crumbling

so how is the best way to fix this problem and with what?

Re: Concrete steps Crumbling
BetsyJ48 wrote:

so how is the best way to fix this problem and with what?

There are two ways to deal with a situation like yours: repair the concrete or replace it.

1. If the crumbling is not so bad, it may be more economical to fix it yourself, for the time being. Don't bother calling concrete contractors to help you here, they won't even bother to come and give you estimates because they are interested in replacing the concrete, not fixing it.

You can actually learn how to clean trouble areas, apply bonding agents and patch - on youtube.

2. My solution is the better one: remove the old concrete and pour new. Why? patching is like bandaid, and it won't last.

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