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Concrete steps

My home was built in the mid seventies,the sill plate and rim joist under the front door are both rotted and also show chipmunk damage, I would like to know how to move the concrete steps to gain access to the rim joist and sill plate and then the best way to remove the damage and replace with new material? E-mail [email protected] Name:Richard Maynard

Re: Concrete steps

Richard, what you're trying to do isn't an easy job. As to how to move concrete steps/porch, usually you don't "move" them. You jackhammer them up and re-pour them after the job is done. The only other way that comes to mind is getting a Bobcat and lifting it up and moving it away from the work area and then moving it back. If I were doing it, I'd probably jackhammer it out of the way and re-pour it afterwards, unless there's a crawl space that you can get into and do the job.

Good Luck.

Re: Concrete steps

I would not attempt to pull the steps out with a bobcat unless they are precast steps. To many times poured in place steps are attached to the house foundation with rebar and you can seriously damage the foundation by pulling them. The best thing to do is jackhammer them out, make the necessary repairs, and replace with precast steps.

As far as the repairs you ask about, generally you have to jack and support the outside wall and the floor joists in the area where the sill plate and rim joist are being replaced. Generally you only need to replace the bad section not the whole rim joist or sill plate but the new sections should be installed with a lap joint to the old.

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