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Concrete Stain vs. Epoxy: Which is better?

Hello All!

I am nearing completion of having my first house built. We could not afford to do stamped/colored sidewalks, but my Better- half wants to dress-up the concrete sidewalk(s), patio, and garage floors. (okay, the garage floor is my idea.)
I'd like to know which product is better for coloring and protection; The Epoxy type paints sold at places like H.D./Menards, or the etching type concrete stains?
All the 'crete is new, just poured in the last two weeks.

Thanks for your input!

ps. We live in Wisconsin so it has to hold up to the seasons...

Re: Concrete Stain vs. Epoxy: Which is better?
asc2078 wrote:

I would definitely go with one of the epoxy floor kits for the garage floor because they repel oil stains, road salt, etc. A concrete coloring stain will not look as good on a garage floor after it is exposed to that same abuse. You should however read the instructions on the epoxy kit about applying it to new concrete.

For your exterior walks and patio, if you are insistent on coloring them, the stain would be a better choice. You need to be sure about this because it is permanent. The better coloring choice for concrete is mixing in the color during the pouring process. Surface stains do not fare as well over time when the concrete chips, cracks, salt pits, etc. If I wanted to dress up my walks I might opt for brick paver borders, etc. You may want to sell your house some day and a potential buyer may not like your colored walks.

Just a few thoughts on your subject.


Thanks for your input!


Re: Concrete Stain vs. Epoxy: Which is better?

Job long done but anyway. You garage floors will get minimum only protection from a big box store floor kit compared to hiring somebody, or searching out better products and doing it yourself, BUT it is something nicer than plain gray concrete. For staining the other concrete, there are several products out there that you can do yourself that will give good, neutral results. A simple to use water base stain and concrete sealer will do the trick and on something like porches and sidewalks, it is pretty simple. You can check out the concrete network for ideas or concrete stains.biz.

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