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Concrete Slab for Workshop/Garage

i would like to build a workshop/garage in my backyard. I have a ~16 x 24' concrete slab that was poured as a basketball goal many years back by the previous owner. I have 2 options build my building on a skid and just level the blocks or somehow utilize the concrete slab and anchor the building to it. Question is how do I know if the slab will hold the weight and how can i utilize the slab w/out having to jackhammer it out and pour another slab. Any advice would be great!

A. Spruce
Re: Concrete Slab for Workshop/Garage

Technically, the structure would require perimeter footings. You could pour those around the existing slab or saw cut the slab where the footings would live and pour them there.

If you go the route of a "shed" type building, you don't need the footings because:

  1. The skids disperse the weight across a larger area.
  2. It is considered a temporary structure - no footings required.

Your local building department will have details as to the requirements of both in your area. Generally, temporary structures do not require building permits, where permanent structures do.

Re: Concrete Slab for Workshop/Garage

Great point about the building permit, I did not even think about that since it will be permanent. I think the skid will be the way to go so i can save money on the slab and permits.
Thanks for you advice.

A. Spruce
Re: Concrete Slab for Workshop/Garage

You're welcome.

Re: Concrete Slab for Workshop/Garage

Depending on your climate, another big advantage of the wood floor of the skid is that there will be much, much less humidity to rust your tools than with the concrete floor. Also easier on the back if standing for long periods.

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