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concrete slab walkway

front walkway is of concrete slabs, size approximately 30 x48 inches. the slabs are tilted toward the house with slant about 4-8 inches. Do I need to remove the slabs before I install a new walkway? Or can I leave the slabs as is, level the whole area and install a new walkway on top of the old one? need all the help I can get.


Re: concrete slab walkway

Chances are, if the are slopping that much, that they were installed on an improperly prepared base. As I see it you have two choices. One is hiring a mud jacking company to level the walkway if it is in otherwise good shape, or tearing it out and preparing a good base for the new sidewalk.

i'd probably get a bodacious prybar,,,

from central tractor for $30, lift up the slabs, & crib underneath w/gravel.

Re: concrete slab walkway

I agree with the ripping out the concrete because it does sound like there is more going on and that is why it is sloping.

We use to work with concrete in years past, and I found (especially since you are putting in a new walkway anyway), just rip out the old concrete, ensure the base is properly compacted and prepared, then lay down the new walkway. Any company that installs a walkway, shouldn't charge too much more for digging out the old and disposing of it. At least our previous company didn't.

This will save you headaches in the future with the new walkway.

For more info on concrete, go to http://www.novapros.com/blog as they have several helpful tip articles about concrete and concrete installation.

Happy walkway,

Re: concrete slab walkway

Like most said, better off replacing unless you can be sure the settling has stopped. This is a very common occurrence in new construction, especially during cold season. I have seen stoops and sidewalks drop a foot or more.

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