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Concrete siding on a 1913 farmhouse?

My husband and I are putting in an offer on a farmhouse in Ontario. The date on the barn is 1913, so we assume the house is a similar vintage.

Currently the house is 1/3 covered in vinyl siding, 1/3 in insulbrick, and 1/3 the original siding. From what I can see, the original exterior appears to be a 2 or 3" layer of concrete, scored and then painted to look like brick.

Has anyone else seen or heard of a house sided with concrete? I'm not even sure how it would have been done!

There are some cracks in the visible part, but I'm not sure what we will find under the insulbrick and vinyl siding. I've heard horror stories about people tuckpointing brick with the wrong kind of mortar and causing massive problems with the brick, so I want to make sure we patch the cracks with the correct material to strengthen and seal it, before re-painting.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Concrete siding on a 1913 farmhouse?

Or maybe this is the stupid question I should have asked first - is this just stucco, and I can repair it like stucco?

Hank Bauer
Re: Concrete siding on a 1913 farmhouse?

Yes it could be Stucco?
Years ago it was installed and called cut brick.
If it is framed and sheathing it would have metal lath. a scratch coat of stucco. than a brown coat applied in the color of the mortar joint required, when this coat was hard say one day a skim coat of the same color was applied and than the brick color coat was applied and textured to the desired brick face finish.When this coat was firm the joints were cut back to the first joint color.Leaving the brick color except in the joints.

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