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concrete driveway raises up during the winter

My house in Michigan is around 35+ year old and the driveway was newly poured in 9/2007 after completely removing the old one. in 1/2008 I observed that its edge that is next to my garage raised around 1/2 inch and went down during the spring time when weather became warmer. The same situation occurs currently.

I think it might be caused by the frozen water under the driveway when the water cannot get down quickly enough to the ground. I would appreciate any information that can help me verify the root cause and know what are the right fixes to it.

I would like to get the education from the forum here before contacting the company who did the job. Thanks.

jaros bros.
Re: concrete driveway raises up during the winter

I think you are right. Water is freezing underneath and lifting it up. Usually when you want to avoid that, 4 feet of earth is removed and new frost free material is hauled in. Sometimes drain tile is used and even sheets of foam insulation. 1/2 inch isn't very bad. I've seen the ground swell over a foot. With your situation, several things could be causing the problem. The known factor is that excessive water is building up and freezing. Could there be an underground spring or snow melt from the roof collecting nearby? Was there drain tile placed? Can you see where they daylighted the pipe? Maybe it is plugged or iced up?

Josh Jaros

Re: concrete driveway raises up during the winter

Thank you so much, Josh, for your information. I will check the areas that you suggested.

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