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concrete driveway-granite or no granite

I have been told by one driveway contractor not to use concrete with granite in it because it creates surface problems in a few years. Others are using it. I need some advice.

Re: concrete driveway-granite or no granite

I've never heard that either.

I Googled "granite aggregate concrete" and I got ONE scientific paper which discussed the use of high alkalinity portland cements on granite aggregate in concrete, but the site wanted $39 to download that research paper.

If there was a good reason not to use granite as the aggregate when mixing cement, I woulda got LOTS of web sites warning against doing that.

What I did find was a web site showing the use of different kinds of aggregate (including various kinds of granite) in decorative exposed aggregate concretes:

The Portland Cement Association doesn't say NOT to use granite as an aggregate in concrete on their web site:
If there were a reason not to use granite as the aggregate, then I'd expect the PCA would have noted that, and what problems it causes and why. They're silent on the issue, which is good evidence to me that they don't see any reason not to use it either.

If this contractor can't give you a reason that makes sense as to why granite shouldn't be used as the aggregate in concrete, I'd ignore him. If they make decorative exposed aggregate concretes with granite, and it lasts, I don't see any reason why you can't make normal concrete with that same granite as the aggregate.

To confirm, phone up any of the places that make cement in your area and ask them if there's any reason not to use granite as an aggregate in cement. Where I live, they use limestone, but that's only because there's lots of limestone (both quarried and gravel) in my area.

Re: concrete driveway-granite or no granite

Here in Upstate SC all concrete has a lot of granite aggregate because that's what we've got in our quarries- and I've never know a problem with it, even 100+ year old concrete.

Re: concrete driveway-granite or no granite

When I buy concrete from my friendly ready mix supplier, do you think I know what kind of gravel they use?

When I buy 50/50 mix to make my own concrete, again, I don't know what I get.

Don't worry about granite or no granite. If granite is used in your area, go with it.

Re: concrete driveway-granite or no granite

I'm convinced this concrete contractor is trying to convince you that he's the only one in your area that can successfully pour a concrete driveway that will last.

Presumably, all other concrete contractors don't know squat and manage to stay in business only because of the slow motion of the wheels of justice in deciding class action law suits.

And if you believe that, I've got some ocean front property in Nebraska you may be interested in.

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