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Bob L.
Concrete driveway and walkway/stairs issues


We have a concrete driveway and walkway/stairs leading up to our house.

The concrete was installed at different times but still too new to remove. It is all stable with no cracks.

Unfortunately when we told our contractor (who was also a distant relative...unfortunately) that we were going to have it stained he persuaded us to let him do the job. It went downhill from there. I researched acid stain and told him what I wanted. Their response was no you don't. We do water based stain and it looks just like acid, "we have been doing it for years". That is what you want.

After a few exhaustive conversations he wore me down and we let him do the job.

In the beginning the job looked very good, except for the fact that after applying the sealer it was dangerously slippery. There were several falls when it was wet.

Also the stain was peeling.

In trying to fix their mess it got worse. All I wanted was for them to remove the stain/paint. They then proceeded to apply a concrete overlay to my driveway which is now cracking and peeling off. They also have not returned to remove the stain from my walkway.

So I have a walkway which has water bourn stain and sealer on it and a driveway which has a peeling skim coat of concrete on it.

I was thinking about using one of the new rustoleum extreme restore on it. I was hoping for minimal preparation for this.

Any thoughts?


Re: Concrete driveway and walkway/stairs issues

Rustoleum Extreme Restore could be your answer, but it won't last many years.

Good luck, and send before/after pics, if you can.

Bob L.
Re: Concrete driveway and walkway/stairs issues


Will definitely post the pics.

What would you consider many years?

Re: Concrete driveway and walkway/stairs issues

8-10 or more, depending on the exposure to the elements.

Follow manufacturer's instructions, especially the cleaning part.

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