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Concrete drive cracked

I have a concrete drive that is cracking in southern Florida and saw an episode on the Bedford house episode 15 laying hot tar over asphalt and then stone on top. My question is can I use this same application on concrete instead of asphalt in the south Florida heat and expect good results

Re: Concrete drive cracked

If you had listened closely to the Bedford episode, you would have heard that the overlay becomes compacted into the asphalt, which is why driving on it immediately was a good thing, since the new asphalt is softer then. For concrete you'll need another approach.There is something called an "exposed aggregate finish" that can provide a similar look for concrete, but it has to be in a new pour- you can't put it into what you've got. There are many other options for cosmetic finishes with concrete and some of them work well for existing pours.

As with so many other issues brought here there is more to a solution than just seeking a good appearance. For instance, how badly is your driveway cracked, and where? What kind of allowance was made for expansion cracking when it was laid? How far apart and how deep are they? How far apart are the cracks? How much offset (if any) is there on both sides of the cracks? How thick is he concrete? What's the story about the soil and/or prepwork under the concrete?

All of this can speak volumes about whether you can get by with a cosmetic fix or whether you really need to redo the concrete completely. With so many variables you'd do well to find a few contractors who will come out and give you ideas to work with that will work in your situation. Pay special heed to what they say about it structurally- I would hate to see you get a pretty driveway only to have it fall apart a few year from now. With more details we can try to help you go in the right direction but without an onsite inspection we can't tell you if what you have is worth trying to save.


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