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concrete cracks in walkway and steps

We keep getting cracks in our concrete walkway and steps.First we hired someone who said that applied a resurfacing coating to our walkwayway and steps that would cover the cracks and prevent them from returning (I forget the name of the stuff that he applied ) It looked good the first few weeks but then all the cracks appeared again. After fighting with him (We paid him $600) he reapplied it again over the cracks.--The cracks came back. My husband tried patching them with a vinyl concrete patch and now they are back. Aside from getting new concrete steps and walkways , what can we use to patch these cracks? We have about 4 hairline cracks.

A. Spruce
Re: concrete cracks in walkway and steps

There is nothing that you can paint on concrete that is going to fix a crack. An overlay (with isolation barrier ) might fix the problem, though if the original cracking was due to improperly prepared or poured concrete, then the overlay will likely crack as well. Replacement may be the best course of action.

Re: concrete cracks in walkway and steps

You can rarely micro top a nonstructural slab without the cracks telegraphing back through the micro topping. In my opinion this process should have never been done in the first place if the concrete was in question. I'm sorry to say the areas should have been removed and repoured with adequate reinforcement if you were unpleased with the cracks. You can however open up the cracks with a crack chaser and make more of your own cracks with the same tool. In the end you can have a random stone design that could be stained to look great! But all concrete cracks its just a matter of where!:mad: But the best advise would be not to sweat the small stuff..they are hairline after all!

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