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Concrete Counter tops

Hey everyone, we are planning on redoing our kitchen next spring and I'm leaning more towards concrete counter tops for several reasons but mostly because I can do them myself. I would really appreciate your opinions on this. Are they hard to maintain? Is it better/worse for resale of the home? Are they durable? Etc. Thanks everyone!

Re: Concrete Counter tops

How much experience do you have handling ceement?

A. Spruce
Re: Concrete Counter tops

There is a member here that poured and finished his own concrete countertops. He chronicled his journey here and gathered our input along the way. He did an amazing job, but it was a LOT of work and it is extremely messy. Casting the top is the easy part, after that you've got to polish them, the hard part is lifting them and putting them into place. Trust me when I say that a 2" x24" x 8' section of concrete is going to be extremely heavy, you had better have eaten your Wheaties for breakfast and have 6 of your strongest friends around when it comes time to move them into place.

Unfortunately, I believe that his thread was lost with site upgrades and software changes, but you can search for it by searching for Walt Deckhouse. At the very least, you can send him a message. He doesn't come around very often anymore, but he does pop in from time to time and will likely offer his advice if you contact him.

Re: Concrete Counter tops

I'm glad you mentioned resale.

IMHO a more conventional counter top like granite, will help you sell the property faster, when it's time to move. No doubt about it. The bonus: once fabricated, granite is put in place and ready to use in less than a day.

Re: Concrete Counter tops

Trendy+industrial=temporary - yuk.

Go with a solid wood plank - like Lyptus.

Re: Concrete Counter tops

There are four basic approaches to styling:

Do what you like understanding that it may not appeal to others. You will be happy with it but it may not sell.

Do what others like even if you don't. If you're selling soon this is a bonus

Do what is stylish today, knowing that it will go out of style sooner or later. If you want to spend twice, go ahead.

Select something classic that fits in with the rest of the house and it will have appeal from now on, to you and most others too.

Laminate countertops are a level 6-7 DIY project. There's a lot to choose from and the prices are good. Granite is a level 9-10 DIY project mainly due to the need for specialized equipment and skills.

Concrete is a level 4-5 DIY project and even done right that will carry over to their appeal in the long run. That are practical and can be very good, but lack the pizzaz that countertops can and should have. Just my opinion, yours may vary. Youtube had several vids on this and it's well in the realm of most DIY'ers so as long as you understand what you're getting I say go for it if you like it and are going to be there awhile.

I haven't done one, but it seems the most pertinent advice is to don't rush things. I'd take a different approach than most of the others seem to take and cast it in place, but then again I have vast experience with formwork and concrete, some non-conventional ideas and techniques, and the tools to do it that way. Share your results with us!



Re: Concrete Counter tops

if you want to do it I would try small samples first to fine tune your technique and the look you want. unlike what daspyda said they do not have to be industrial looking and can have a wide appeal. if they are done well that is if they are not done well they can look very bad. and by the way in my opinion lyptus is to soft for a counter

Re: Concrete Counter tops

If you really want to try watching this Making Concrete Counter tops


Re: Concrete Counter tops

Thank you all for your suggestions. @ HoustonRemodeler, I have a lot of experience with concrete more specifically with concrete counter tops. I have done landscape construction (hardscapes) for 10 plus years and have done several concrete counter tops but outdoors only. I was planning on casting in place just as I have on the outdoor ones. Concrete counter tops would be the only material I would attempt to do myself. If it's not going to be concrete I'll probably have granite installed. Again thanks everyone VERY helpful. If I go this route and ,more importantly, convince my wife, I'll will post some pictures


Re: Concrete Counter tops

We have concrete countertops and love them! They cost about 5K and we have a lot of kitchen!

They are extremely durable but you must be sure to wax them regularly or moisture will absorb into them even more quickly. They are sensitive to acidic items and we have had our OOPS moments but all in all they are amazing and different; especially in Jax. lol. Oh and in a historic home!

I can't post pics yet but I will if you care to look later!

Re: Concrete Counter tops

Concrete countertops are becoming much more common and are not nearly as hard as they once were. There is a company called z countertop that specializes in products needed for DIY concrete countertops and they have made many people happy according to ****** reviews. Concrete as a material is finicky and can be messy but their system is pretty well contained as long as you do have some expectation of some messiness. Staining and sealing is taken care of there as well. AS a previous poster mentioned, they take a bit of care but nothing outrageous. just my .02

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