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Concrete blocks on living room floor

Dear Forum Subscribers:
I read the thread
here but am still wondering what the answer would be in my case. (I am not sure if I can get an engineer to spec the apartment since I do not know what the floor studs are made of and I don't think the leasing agency knows either).

I am interested in placing 8in x 8in x 16in concrete blocks in my living room but not next to the walls. I am wondering how many concrete blocks I can store in my living room to raise some furniture without exceeding the floor load of the living room or causing my downstairs neighbors to experience the ceiling coming down on them due to the floor sagging.

If anyone knows how I can approach this please let me know. I read online that a single concrete block weighs about 30 pounds.


Re: Concrete blocks on living room floor

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish but I wouldn't use the cinderblocks as you've described. I'd use plywood and 2x4s to make a raised deck. Basically, you'll just be building a box to sit the furniture on. It'll be lighter and you can cover it with carpet, paint it, or whatever. Best of all, a lot less weight on the floor.

Good Luck.

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