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Computer speakers weird noise

I've heard this in more than my house!
Computer speakers make de de de de de de de deet sound.(same every time)
Computer is on, not running any sound programs.
3 computers in my house do it, all are on surge strips.
tv does not do it!
It's weird. I'm ok with most electrical stuff and good with computers, but this one has me stumped.

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

are you sitting at the computer with you cell phone?

If you are it's the cell phone. I'm sure someone can tell you why, I have no idea I just know that my computers do this when I have my cellphones close

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

Just a guess here...

If the speakers are external ones the noise could be 60 Hz Electro-Magnetic (EM) interference from the power cords. The wires for the speakers may be draped over power cords and likely these speaker wires are not shielded.

The patch cable from the speakers to the audio output from the sound card may not be well shielded also.

The AC-DC adapter that maybe used to power the speakers could have poor filtering and this noise will be sent to the small amplifiers inside the speakers.

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

Sounds like a lake of good ground. Without a good ground none of the internal filters work.

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

Not sure if it is the same sound, but periodically several different radios would do that also. Problem was isolated to the cell phone.

Periodically, the cell phone sends out an identifier, a signal to the tower that says "Hey mom, here I am!" This was messing with the reception on the FM receivers. Simple solution, move the phone away.

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

I've had trouble with wireless mouse &/or keyboard causing interference with speakers.

Re: Computer speakers weird noise

I have read all of the above posts and have to agree with everyone of the above posters. I especially have had problems with my cell phone causing noise on my speakers. I do have one other idea that I see hasn't been mentioned before. Are any of your computers near flourescent lights? If they are the lights can cause all kinds of problems ranging from weird noises being heard over speakers to channels flipping on your remotely controlled t.v. without you changing the channel with the remote. This depending on the type of flourescent fixture you have. The screw in kind of flourescent fixture that you put in lamps can cause the picture flipping and some noise and the over head flourescent fixture can usually just cause noise. Like with cell phones try moving your computer into another room. If the noise is gone then you know it was the flourescent fixture. If the noise remains then you have a problem more than likely with your sound card. I don't know where you live though and maybe the problem is coming from a next door neighbor if you live in an apartment. So try this if you have a laptop that is portable go down the street to a friends place or any place that doesn't have anything that could interfere with your computer and power up your computer there. If you have no sound problem at that place and you have eliminated every possible noise maker at your place either by turning it off or removing it from your home then the problem is at your neighbors house. Anyway good luck!:)

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