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Computer game room

Before this coming winter time, me, my husband and the kids are planning to add another room for our computer and we will be calling it the station. We will cut off a bit of our living room since it is too large for us and make a portion of it as our computer room, my kids love to play computer games and its a bit noisy if we will place the computer in the living room. No way they will put the computer in their bedroom since we cannot check what they are surfing at. Hopefully things will push through after my husband will take a leave to supervise the renovation.

Re: Computer game room

Splendid idea.

Re: Computer game room

Set it up so your kids' computers and game consoles can connect to each other and the Internet with CAT5e or CAT6 wiring. Place a few network jacks in convenient locations to connect laptops or their friend's computers when they have a LAN party. This should all connect to your Internet router with wires.

Don't depend on wifi (wireless networking). It can be flaky at the worst possible times; wired connections will give them a better interactive gaming experience. Here's a thread I started a while back on the pitfalls of wireless networks: https://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showthread.php?t=108106

Of course, you probably will want to have a wireless network for convenience, and for connecting your assorted handheld devices to the Internet. Just be aware of the potential issues and what you can do to minimize problems with the wifi.

Re: Computer game room

This is a nice family project for your house. I'm pretty sure the kids will be excited to set up their computer consoles in the "station".

Re: Computer game room

Absolutely HARD WIRE the room. Wireless is convenient, but even with the best router in the business is still fundamentally inferior to a wired connection.

Re: Computer game room

Also, if you have an older house with plaster/lathe - it will kill the wireless signal.

Re: Computer game room

You most definitely want wired internet for this. Great idea! Having a specific place for gaming for kids is really good.

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