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Max Peterson
comparison of electric radiant flooring products

Good morning. I'm remodeling a second floor master bathroom and I want to install electric radient flooring. I looked for TOH product reviews and couldn't find any so I figured I'd ask the real DIYer's on the boards.

I've looked at manufacturer specs for Suntouch, Thermasoft, Nuheat and Intrafloor ... but does anyone have real world experience on installation and product results? Or have a link to any good comparitive articles? Thanks!

Re: comparison of electric radiant flooring products

This thread is a few months old but I've got to give Suntouch a big thumbs up. They had the best technology (wire wise) which reduces electromagnetic fields (EMF) to ultra-low levels. They also have the best instructions and tech support. I installed mine in the main bathroom and love it! I'll be installing another one in the master bath, and possibly even in the kitchen soon. The one for the master bath will probably be a Laticrete simply because I really like the way their thermostat looks. One day I'd love to also do my driveway. I noticed that Loews used to carry another brand but now they've started carrying Suntouch too. Don't know if I'll ever use the 25 year warranty but it's nice to know its there :)

Re: comparison of electric radiant flooring products

MM: How does the wire grid go into the floor; would it raise the floor by 1+ inch.

My house is 1964 all-brick, and the main floor is thin cement over a rear "walkout" basement. My wife would love a radiant heated bathroom floor, but the increase in floor height would be a deal killer though because of floor transition to the Bedroom, toilet, tub and shower drain issues, etc.

Re: comparison of electric radiant flooring products

An inch sounds a bit much. I think it can be as little as 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of mortar. There are several ways to install it. You can find installation instructions here.

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