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Compact Fluorescents

Watched the Austin House last segment this eve and saw that Compact Fluorescents were used in recessed lighting.

I have heard that Compact Fluorescents should not be used in 'can' type lighting due to overheating possiblities.

True or false?


Re: Compact Fluorescents

Compact Fluorescents put out less heat than an incandescent light.

Re: Compact Fluorescents

Ditto to what Jack said.:)

Re: Compact Fluorescents

As a side note, because they put off less heat and also put up with a bump or two better than a regular bulb I have been using one in my drop light with good results.

Re: Compact Fluorescents

I've been looking for a dimmable compact for cieling cans for months. I would like to know what brand they used in the Austin house The only ones I've found so far are either not recommended for cans or they flicker, despite representation. I've found a brand NEPTUN on the web but I've no information on quality or distributers. Any help?

Re: Compact Fluorescents

Some compact fluorescents do say "not for use in enclosed fixtures".
I think it has more to do with the electronic ballast overheating & shortening it's life. I don't think it's a fire hazard issue, but I really don't know.

Re: Compact Fluorescents

The Austin project may well have used CF's in their recessed fixtures but it would bee my bet that the fixtures were rated for use with CF lamps and not fixures rated for use with incandescent lamps with a CF screwed into a medium base socket.

Here is an example of a CF specific can.


Re: Compact Fluorescents

Another thought is that you could retrofit your existing cans with a retrofit kit which has a remote ballast and uses a plug-in type CF lamp. These fixture retrofit kits are UL Listed and can be dimmable.

I have used them for commercial retrofits and can report that they were helpful and prompt.

You may not be able to purchase from them direct but I am sure you could get an electrical wholesaler to work with you.


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