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comode poor

I have to flush my comode 3-4 times to get it to clean out paper or solids. What are people talking about using "rags". I am a 70 year old woman so please give me hints that I can use. Do not want to call a plumber because there are none in my small town. So expensive to get someone from the larger cities, Thanks, gg

Re: comode poor

You toilet sounds congested somewhere. Get a liquid from local store to clear the congestion, so yuo don't have to flush many time.

Re: comode poor

Try holding the handle down for 5 to 10 seconds. If that works, you probabbly need a new flapper valve. An easy DIY repair.

Re: comode poor

As Ed21 stated, hold the flush handle down so more water goes into the bowl. If that cleans it out, look at the pull chain, there is probably a Styrofoam float on the chain. There is a little round clip on the top and bottom, slid the clip off and move the float down about a ΒΌ" and reinstall clips. Or justt hold the handle down each time you flush.


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