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Community Question - Locked Thread?

Hi - I was curious why my thread below got locked? I looked at the TOS - did I post something against it?



Re: Community Question - Locked Thread?

i am one of two active moderators on this forum, and i locked it.. when it comes to getting guidance on whether or not a quote you recieved was a good price, you cant go by what people on internet forums will tell you. there are far too many variables that can give differences in price from region to region and contractor to contractor..

you simply have to get 3-5 different quotes, compare teh numbers.. but you have to compare apples to apples. meaning a quote from a licensed company with certified tradesman and proper licensing is going to be much higher than a mexican working out of the parking lot of home depot. reason being more overhead,better quality work, a warrenty that will be honored. not only that there are several members of this board that have no knowledge of how contractors run their businesses and they will tell you what to look for. you need the info from a select few of us on these boards such as myself who are professionals who are currently or are retired from the industry.

any how.. thread closed

Topic locked

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