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From commercial toliet to residential

The Church I attend is in and an old building like Sears. They have commercial toilets and the pastor would like to change them out for residential because they are cheaper then buying the new valves needed to fix the old ones. I am wondering if the distance between the wall and floor drain would be the same distance from thee wall. Does anyone know what the distance i from the tank on the residential toilet to the drain in the floor? I measured mine at home looks like about 10-11 inches.

The piping is old copper piping about 1 1/4-1/12 in size which we will reduce down to the size we would need to connect to the residential toilet, the piping looks to me to be threaded because it is threaded on the end where the chrome pipe is connected to the commercial toilet.Would they have used threaded pipe down to the basement? Inside the wall there is also an tee that connects to the other toilet in the bathroom, just hoping we won't have to cut the pipe and re-plumb everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we don't have a lot of money to spend to fix them.

Re: From commercial toliet to residential

Measure from the wall to the bolts holding the toilet to the floor. This is the "rough-in" measurement; standard rough-ins are 10", 12", and 14". 12" is most common; the others will be special order. Note that "rough-in" is the distance from the wall framing to the center of the toilet flange, so as long as the distance you measure is greater than 1/2" less than the standard sizes (allowing for thickness of the wall board), they'll work. For example, if you measure 11-1/2", a 12" rough-in will work. But if you measure only 11", you'll probably have to use a 10" rough-in toilet. There's no problem with having the tank sit out a few inches from the wall, except for appearance.

As for the supply lines, any guesses as to how it's installed will probably be wrong. Someone will need to look at the situation before recommending a course of action.

Re: From commercial toliet to residential

There are commercial tank flush toilets, and there are commercial flush valve toilets. what are you asking. do you want to replace commercial flush valve toilets with commercial flush tank toilets. Just so you know commercial toilet bowls are elongated with open front less cover seats. if this is what you are asking the water supply pipe is probably in the wrong place. also the rough can be different it could be wall mounted or 10 inches from the wall. flush tank toilets are normally 12 inches from the wall. pictures would help.

Re: From commercial toliet to residential

In the long run, flush valve repairs might be cheaper than re-doing the system. Commercial plumbing is meant for a lot more use than residential so it should last a lot longer. Your biggest problem will be with the supplies which will be above the tank of a standard toilet. Routing them to the bottom of a tank fill valve will take some serious plumbing ingenuity (90 deg. adaptors, flared copper lines- who knows what else) and will look awful. Not to mention the rough-in difference which IIRC is usually 14" for commercial flush-valve toilets. If your flock doesn't have a plumber, maybe a friendly neighboring church does, and they may have a source for used parts that can keep you going till all are rebuilt.


Re: From commercial toliet to residential

I also think you'll be better off keeping the commercial toilet you have. Residential toilets won't be able to withstand heavy duty usage like the commercial toilets. Repairs? you'll have them with residential toilets as well.

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