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Color suggestions please.

I have a small living room that receives a lot of afternoon sunlight. What colors would be better suited for this room?

Re: Color suggestions please.

whatever color makes you happy.

Really, what color do you wear the most? What color outfit makes you feel fabulous? Use that color--unless it's black.

Muted tones will keep the appearance of sun fading down to a minimum too.

If you don't like it, it's just paint, you can re do it.

Re: Color suggestions please.

My fave color is red. That's the color I want in my kitchen. I was thinking about maybe a midtone blue or green but was afraid that it would make the room feel like a hospital waiting room.

Re: Color suggestions please.

If you don't like it, it's just paint, you can re do it.

.... like debby said... :)

Re: Color suggestions please.

If it gets a lot of sunlight, i'm guessing that it gets quite warm in the summer? Do you want the room to feel cooler or warm? (that would help decide your color, too...).

A nice pale neutral would help cool the feeling of the room...
is it close enough to the kitchen that the red you want there is visible?

Maybe a soft yellow (clear, not with any red or orange or brown in it) or a peachy sand or even a soft mauve or lilac would be pretty (not knowing what colors you have in the way of furniture, curtains, or accessories).
I used to have a nice, soft blue living room which i loved until one of the guys I worked with came over and i realized that what I had was Faded Police Shirt Blue. I repainted the next day.

I think the way to keep your room from looking like a hospital room would be to make sure your color is clear (no brown or black in it to dull it down).

Re: Color suggestions please.

You can also go to www.valspar.com and use their painting tool to see what colors you like, what looks good together, etc. They have several styles of each room to choose from to "paint". Pick one that gets the type of light your livingroom does and go from there. Have fun and oh yeah....it's just paint, if you don't like it you can re-do it!

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