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Collection Displays

Hey, has anyone out there built and/or bought something to specially display their collectibles, memorabilia or heirlooms? I'd be really interested in seeing or hearing about creative collection units.

A. Spruce
Re: Collection Displays

I've built a lot of custom things, but it always depended upon what was being displayed and the budget of the client. My favorite was a combination "hutch" and "bookshelf" unit. The client had a few books they wanted to display and a few games they wanted to store behind closed doors down below. The plan was to convert half of a large closet into this storage/display unit. We discussed the particulars to hammer out the details, then off to the shop I went. A few days later I returned with the "better than imagined" unit, then set about modifying the closet to accept the piece. I didn't even have it installed before the Mrs. of the house was putting her display things on the shelves to see how they looked. When all was said and done, the unit looked like it had always been there, and the Mrs. loved it so much she went out and bought all new display pieces for it instead of using the things she'd originally planned. :D

Not long after that the same client decided they wanted a mantle over their painted brick fireplace. Again, they had some things to display, and also wanted to liven up the space beyond the drab beige wall and brick. Again we discuss the particulars and off I go to the shop, returning a few days later with a one of a kind mahogany mantle, and again, couldn't even get it installed before the Mrs. was placing her items on it to see how they'd look, and AGAIN deciding that she needed all new stuff. :D

Re: Collection Displays

I built a hutch in a shallow spot in the kitchen. Below is stored food items. The cabinet above has glass doors, glass shelves and lighting and I store stemware there. It serves an important storage need and everyone loves the look.

Re: Collection Displays

I ran 1' wide shelving around three walls of my bedroom about a foot down from the ceiling, using the top of the door and closet trim as partial support along with regular shelf brackets. I use the shelves to display plastic models and miniatures.

I like this because it's out of reach of pets and small visitors, and even I can't knock anything over accidentally. It's space that would otherwise be used for nothing and offer a view of nothing but the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the paint job at the junction of the wall and ceiling.

I've put up similar shelves at my friend's house, where she uses them to store, not collectibles, but large pots, boxes of photographs, and breakables that need to be kept out of reach of little children.


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