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collapsing picket fence.

I have a 10 year old picket fence that is collapsing so I have to fix it and don't know where to start. The fence was built on the edge of a bank and although the posts are set in cement, I don't think they're 32" deep. (see illustration)

Is there anything else that I can do to reinforce the fence post on the edge of the bank? Any suggestions?


p.s. woefully heading to Home Depot to buy cement to start this project.

Re: collapsing picket fence.

You could embed a screw-type soil anchor bolt away from the slope, and use some cable to secure the floppy post to it. If the next post back wasn't too far away, you could anchor the cable to it instead.
Nothing is going to secure the post as well as digging it in deeper. End posts need to be deeper.

A. Spruce
Re: collapsing picket fence.

If the drawing is accurate, it's interesting that you're losing a post that is in line with the fence because the rest of the fence should be supporting it vertically.

If the slope is stable, then installing a longer post to give it more purchase should do the trick. When you replace the post, reset the fence to it and get everything where it needs to be before setting the concrete to it. You may want to install a cross brace on the post to help keep it vertical in the future.

Re: collapsing picket fence.

This is great advice, thank you very much. The end posts aren't deep enough, I don't think and the nails on the fence panels are loose. All that adds to a weak and unstable fence obviously.

What I'll do is figure out how many QUIk-Tubes and reuired Quikrete I'll need. The instructions I found online state that I should dig out 32" of soil and I'm sure that'll provide substantial stability.

Thanks again for your advice and opinions.


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