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Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

On Thanksgiving day, the cold water faucet in our 1/2 bath adjacent to our kitchen stopped producing water.

Some background: Our neighbor had his main shutoff valve replaced the day before Thanksgiving and that required our public water supply to be turned off at the street (we have a shared water connection). Our water was off for a few hours and, no surprise, there was some air in our lines after it was turned back on. I purged all of our faucets, shower, etc. throughout the house; everything worked fine. However, when I went to purge the cold water for our 1/2 bath, the faucet sputtered and then did not put out any water. The hot line is working fine.

I should mention that our house is more than 80 years old and a previous occupant had obvious work done over the years that was not always done properly, especially in regards to plumbing (which led to a flood in three rooms of our house last summer). The plumbing associated with our 1/2 bath is all CPVC, in contrast to the copper tubing throughout the rest of our house.

I already tried replacing the cartridge on the cold water side (although the former cartridge looked fine). Still no water. Could there be some kind of blockage due to material that was knocked loose during the noted work on my neighbor's shutoff? Is it time to replace the CPVC with copper?

I'm not sure what to do next; any advice would be appreciated.

Rodney H
Re: Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

Try removing the cold water faucet completely, to see if there is a large chunk of dirt obstructing the flow. I suspect a large chunk of something is blocking the flow, directly behind the faucet. If, after checking the faucet, the flow does not return, use your air compressor to briefly blow some air into the line loosening the dirt. Be sure the next closest cold water faucet in the bathroom is open.

Good luck.

Rodney H
Re: Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

Forgot one thing. The aerator on the tip of the faucet might be your only problem. It does not take much fine dirt to totally block the aerator. Unscrew the aerator and clean or replace it. Until then, just unscrew the aerator and use it without one until you buy a new one.

Once again, Good luck.

Re: Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

If the hot water flows from the faucet it wouldn't be the aerator though it doesn't hurt to clean it.

Another thing to check ----- if there are shutoffs to both the hot and cold supplies under the sink the blockage could be there.

Re: Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

Thanks for your replies, all. I am going to check the shutoffs this weekend, as I think that is the next most likely culprit.

Re: Cold water mystery in 1/2 bath

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