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cold water abruptly shutting off

I have a utility tub in my basement and lately when I turn on the cold water it will turn right off. I can usually get the water to run after turning on and off a few quick times, but obviously this is ridiculous to have to keep doing. The faucets are very cheap (like $20) but before I buy one, is this a faucet problem like I assume...? maybe an issue with a washer or the control valve/cartridge itself?


A. Spruce
Re: cold water abruptly shutting off

It is likely a problem with the cold side of the faucet valve. If the faucet is a relatively decent one, then rebuilding the valve will be cheaper and easier than replacement. If it's a seriously cheap faucet, then I'd change it out for one of a better quality. I personally like Delta and Pfister the best. Stay away from faucets that are all plastic, they don't last or function well for very long.

Re: cold water abruptly shutting off

Thanks, it appears to be there for a very long time, so I'll most likely replace it. Not worth trying to rebuild it if I can find one for $30.

appreciate the feedback

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