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Cold rooms between attic and garage

I have a raised ranch that was built in 1966. There are 2 bedrooms sandwiched between the garage and the attic. These two rooms get very cold in the winter. There is about 8" (2 4" blankets) of fiberglass insulation in the attic. The garage ceiling is finished but is insulated. I think there is only 4" of fiberglass.

Is there another type of insulation I should use or should I just add more fiberglass?

Re: Cold rooms between attic and garage

In my opinion your best bet would be to remove the ceiling and insulation from the garage and have a company come in and spray foam it. Your problem with the cold is coming from the garage more than from the attic. The garage gets almost just as cold as the outside so it is going to make the rooms above it cold if they are not properly insulated. The spray foam will seal any gaps and prevent any drafts. It wouldn't hurt to put more in the attic being sure not to cover any soffit vents or recessed lights. Hope this helps you out

Re: Cold rooms between attic and garage

I agree with sabo4545 addressing the garage ceiling which is the floor of the bedrooms.

I see this many times where the bedrooms above the garage are freezing cold. The main problems are inadequate insulation applied and air infiltration from the ceiling of the garage into the living spaces above. In some cases there is problems with duct work for these spaces as well.

In the majority of cases this is remedied with using spray foam insulation which not only provides an excellent insulation but also provides an excellent air stop.

If there is air infiltration from the garage it may be introducing carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust into the living spaces above .

Re: Cold rooms between attic and garage

I too have cold floors in the bedrooms above the garage. What is the best way to insulate the ceiling? What is involved with spray foam insulation? How expensive is it?

Has anyone heard of radiant "Solar Shield" insulation? Thanks!

Re: Cold rooms between attic and garage

Basically what you would want to do is remove the ceiling in the garage so the underside of the subfloor for the above rooms is exposed. Like canuk said make sure there are no problems with any duct work that may be running through the space before the company comes in and sprays. They will come in and spray the entire underside of the floor and anywhere else you want them too. As far as cost I'm not really sure what it would be to do just the garage ceiling you would have to check around.

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