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Cold frame questions

I just built a cold frame after watching the This Old House video on building a cold frame.

I am using old windows and they don't sit flush on the cold frame because of the ridges in the window frame, so there are big gaps between the window and the frame--mostly on the side of the window that is attached via hinges to the frame. I haven't put the hinges on yet, and I'm wondering if there's something I can use to fill the gaps, or to put between the frame and the window before screwing in the hinges. Should I be concerned about the gaps for letting cold air in?

Also, as suggested in the video, I used hinges at the corners of the frame for easy dismantling, but it was harder to make a tight seal with the hinges, so the corners aren't entirely tight. Should I fill those corners with something?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Cold frame questions

Try some rubber weather strip.

Re: Cold frame questions

I've used shims and foam pipe insulation (really, just whatever I had lying around that seemed like it would work) to plug gaps in my cold frames.

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