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Cold Family Room

Our two story family room stays constantly cold in the winter. The house is about 2400 square feet and has a single heating unit for both floors. It has natural gas heat. We use a small space heayer but it does not help much. I don't know if it's a design problem, with the small balcony allowing the heat to escape or possibly the lack of a ceiling fan, or even the need for new windows and/or patio door. Possibly all 3. We are freezing! Can you please help?

Re: Cold Family Room

As you probably know, the design of a two story McMansion room is not the most efficient space to try to heat so it feels comfortable.

A ceiling fan will help circulate the warm air that collects at the ceiling. Some people think that the moving air negates the temp increase because of the breeze effect, though. Try putting a fan up on the balcony temporarily to see if you notice any difference before going through the trouble of installing the ceiling fan.

I don't know what shape your windows and patio door are in so I can't comment on the impact new windows and doors would have. Do you have heavy curtains on these windows and door? That might help with any drafts from them.

Is your heating system a forced air system? If so do you have return's in the family room at floor level to pull the cooler air? You may be able to adjust the supply vents throughout the house to provide more heat in this room. If the upstairs is warmer than the downstairs maybe partially close upstairs supply vents to increase warm air supply to the family room.

If you have hot water baseboard heat you should have zones that could be adjusted to provide more heat to the family room.

Re: Cold Family Room

We are freezing! Can you please help?

Probably.......but not likely from here without a bunch more info. Would need to know what type of heating unit, the size of that heating unit, how many and size of the heat delivery points/units in the room in question, insulation levels, ratio of glass to solid wall surface, type of windows, height of ceilings, whether there is an open staircase in the house...... etc, etc.

Your bestest bet is likely to call up a local HVAC biz and have them send someone over to diagnose the whole situation. It's possible that the problem is as simple as a hot-water baseboard unit (or several) that need bleeding...or that a forced-air duct damper is closed off to the room...... or it could be that there is a shortage of heat delivery ducts/units for the room. Many possibilites and variations on those possibilities.

Re: Cold Family Room

We have a similiar problem with our upstairs bedrooms. Our house was built in 1928 and is the same size as yours. Do you know how to adjust the vent flow to the rooms? Our family room was cold and my husband was able to come across the right duct (?) for that room. The family room is no longer cold.

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