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Cold Closet

I have side by side closets in an upstairs bedroom.
In the winter, one of the closets is very cold on the
inside.How would I determine if this is due to poor
insulation in the walls/ceiling/attic/exterior.


Pls help me.

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Re: Cold Closet

Easiest way I know of: Check for insulation by drilling a small hole, about 1/8 inch horizontally centered between two studs on the cold wall, only on the inside covering. Check for studs using a stud finder. If you're centered between two studs and you insert a wire or drill bit into the hole and reach the opposite side of the wall with little or no resistance, you probably have little or no insulation.

Personally, I use a 1/8" x 12" drill bit. Normally, the simple turning of the bit grabs a small bit of insulation. A 1/8 bit grabs little, larger bits grab more and may be difficult to extract.

Obviously, be certain there is no plumbing or HVAC in the drilled wall before drilling.

Coldness near an exterior wall could also happen for other reasons, such as an improperly installed soffit vent near the area. Depending on the age and construction type of your home, lack of insulation is the most common problem.

Re: Cold Closet

Being they are side by side and only one is cold then it's more likely the attic isn't the source ... unless the insulation is an issue just over that one particular area.... since the other closet would suffer as well.

If that one particular closet happens to be on an outside wall I would suspect that's a result of that one being cold and the other isn't.... depending on the layout.

Usually closets that are situated along exterior walls tend to cold if the doors are closed not allowing the warm air within the room to circulate in the closet .... this is why mold is commonly found in closets.

Just a thought. :)

Re: Cold Closet

Good stuff asc2078...... thanks for finishing off the thought ...didn't have my pot of coffee yet.:o:)

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