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Cold Bedroom

I have a 400 square foot bedroom over my garage. It is the coldest room in the house. I have considered putting a duct booster in my ductwork to increase the air flow to the room but I think the room would still cool off before the rest of the house. I have checked and there is insulation in the garage ceiling and my garage is completely finished. Any ideas on supplemental heat to this room would be appreciated.

Re: Cold Bedroom

How well and is the floor properly insulated?
Just because you saw insulation doesn't mean it was properly done. If there are drafts of cold air under the floor the insulation isn't doing much.
How well are the walls and ceiling insulated?
Is there hot air coming out of the heat ducts or just luke warm air? Are these ducts running under the floor or coming from the ceiling? How well are they insulated?

Re: Cold Bedroom

The ducts run in the floor. The ceiling is well insulated because I did that my self. The floor is insulated but probably not adequate. The walls do not have any insulation in them at all. How would you go about reinsulating the floor? The garage is finished.

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