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Cold Air Return only in Room?

We just bought a 1970's vintage house on acreage. We've noticed that one of the small corner second story rooms is very cold, despite the heat (forced air oil) being on in the house. Closer inspection of the heating grate leads me to believe that instead of heat, this pacticular floor vent is a cold air return. A piece of paper held over it while the furnace is on gets drawn onto the vent, instead of blown upwards. There no other vent in this room. Is it possible this was intentional or a disconnected duct or something else I haven't thougth of? Any ideas? I have a feeling I may be in a "call and HVAC professional" category?

Any help would be appreciated

Re: Cold Air Return only in Room?

I would sure hate to think this is the case but the first thing that came to my mind is that the duct work may have been ran and just not cut out. I have seen drywall hangers cover over almost everything including the main elec. panel. and if it is a floor vent the same could be true for those who ran the flooring, especially if they had already cut out the other vent first, the could have looked over and saw the vent and thought that was the only one in the room.

so my first question is, are all the other vents in floor or ceiling?

Re: Cold Air Return only in Room?

All the vents are in the floors throughout the house.

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