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Clothes Dryer Vent Hole

No vent for clothes dryer. Full Description:1- I want to make a 4 1/4 inch hole in the cinder block wall behind my dryer for a vent. Where should the hole be located in relation to the dryer's vent outlet? Kits in Home Depot seem to assume that it will be straight up above the vent, just above the dryer. I thought it would be better located even with the dryer's vent.
2- What are the best tools to use? I have a 1/2 in. hammer-drill some serious bits, a 4 Lb sledge, & a concrete chisel. Can I use a Rigid 4 1/2 in. hole saw to at least score the outside to neaten up the hole? The description says it can be used on stainless steel, surely cinder blocks are no harder. Are there better choices of tools that could be rented or bought?

A. Spruce
Re: Clothes Dryer Vent Hole

Where you penetrate the wall will depend on where it will be outside and whether or not there will be any obstacles in the way. Most vent penetrations are at floor level where the vent exits the dryer. They can be on a back wall or the side wall. They may be ducted vertically through the wall into the ceiling and then horizontally to the exterior. What you don't want to do is create a situation where condensed moisture can run backwards into the dryer.

As for penetrating a cinder block wall, it will take substantially more than a hole saw to cut masonry. Yes, you could use it to score the block, but it would be the demise of the tool. You'd be better off to just carefully scribe a slightly larger circle diameter on the block, then drill a series of small holes close together just inside the line - touching the line. You'll also want to drill a center line hole all the way through the block so that you can repeat the process from the other side. By wiggling the drill from side to side through the hole, you can widen the holes to intersect. Take your hammer and break out the central mass and clean up the perimeter with your chisel. The duct hood will cover any irregularities from the outside and there should be a secondary escutcheon for cover the inside of the hole.

Secure the vent hood and escutcheon with masonry anchors and screws. Secure the duct to the dryer and vent hood with clamps.

Re: Clothes Dryer Vent Hole

What Spruce said, with one more thing:

Try to center the hole on the hollow part of the cinder block, rather than spanning a rib. That way, you'll have only the inside and outside walls of the cinder block to chip thru.

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