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Closet turned into Bathroom

We have an upstairs bathroom that was converted from a closet. I can deal with the area of the bathroom, but the biggest problem is there is only 32" of 76 tall, then the rest is on the slant of the roof. Right now there is a tub with shower in there, but the previous owner rigged it. He used pvc pipe half way down the tub then up on an angle for a shower curtain. We do not use the shower/tub in there, and it just looks like crap. I have only found one corner shower that may work in there. Does anybody else have any ideas????

Re: Closet turned into Bathroom

Your first priority is to determine if the floor joists can support the tub and any tile on the floor. What size, spacing and span are the floor joists?

Secondly would be the proper drain and vent plumbing to not be a health hazard.

Re: Closet turned into Bathroom

I assume that your question was whether or not you can replace a tub with a stall shower. If that was it, then I see no reason why not.
Obviously, you have to address the concerns that Houston brought up in his answer: 1. make sure your shower is not too heavy for the joists. 2. your plumbing is up to code.

Re: Closet turned into Bathroom

Ah, the original "Water Closet" :D Many old homes were converted to modern plumbing by using an existing closet like this. Those I've seen under stairs and roofs placed the toilet at the short end where headroom wasn't needed- perhaps this lay-out change is possible for you. If not and there is adequate space, you can wall in towards the high part until you get enough headroom. This can also give you a place to hide the plumbing. Just as in the old "Water Closets" you may have to compromise on some things but if you can make it work for you then it's a successful project once done.

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