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Closet Light Issue

My closet light stopped working... thinking it was the bulbs, I replaced them, but it wasn't them. I decided that I wanted to replace the fixture in the closet anyways with something more modern (LED.) I found the fixture I wanted, wired it, and it still wouldn't turn on. I thought it might have been that the switch died. I replaced the switch with a brand new one (same amps, single pole, etc.) Still, the light wouldn't turn on. I used my voltage tester... there was power going to the switch, there was power going into fixture. Everything possible that I could think of has been done, and shows there's power going to the fixture, but still no light. I took down one of my other fixtures on a completely different circuit and tested the new fixture there and it works. 

Any thoughts or ideas?

Re: Closet Light Issue


Usually electrical devices do not just stop working on their own. You said there is "power going thru the switch", and "power going to the fixture". What is that voltage reading at each? That is the important question. You should measure the power "at" the fixture, not going to it. You should disconnect the switch, measure power across the hot and the neutral. Tie the two neutrals together, and temporarily tir the power together. Then measure the amount of voltage at the fixture. It sounds like there is a broken neutral some where. If that is case, find that, and replace the wiring. Anytime you have a broken wire, there is a chance of a fire.

Measure the voltage properly and let us know what the voltage readings are at each device and fixture.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Closet Light Issue

I agree with handyandy, an open neutral connection sounds like your problem. If you tested to ground or with an induction sensor it would look right.

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