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Closet Jamb Question

We have started to remove our old doors and closet doors to replace with all new. I have removed the closet doors that were the kind that are on a track. The closet doors were 48'in. Now I have a rough opening of 49'in. I went to the home center and sales guy said I should do the rough opening in drywall and be done with it.

I was wondering about getting some of the 5/8'in jambs at the home center and have them ripped to 3/8'in to give the correct size. I could nail them in place and paint and trim and it be done.

What I was looking for was to keep from having to do the drywall thingy.

Anyone else done this or have any suggestions?

Re: Closet Jamb Question

What kind of doors are you putting in? If they are the sliding doors like you had the finish opening doesn't need to be exact. Since the doors overlap the opening can be a little smaller and still work. If you are putting in bi-fold doors you will have to have the correct size finish opening. I would not use drywall as it could get pretty beat up being a closet doorway. If you wanted to use solid wood you could go to a lumber yard that has a mill-work shop and they could plane it down to the correct thickness for you. You could also use finished plywood of the correct thickness and paint it. You may however need to edge-band the edges so you don't see the edges of the wood plys but most of that would be covered by the trim. Hope this helps you out.

Re: Closet Jamb Question

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that we are installing by-fold closet doors. They have the jambs at the home center only they are 5/8's and I need 3/8's. I really did not want to use drywall ither.

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