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closet doors swell

My closet doors swell when the humidity gets very low (below 10%). I don't understand why that would happen since they are wood you would think they would only swell when the humidity was high.

Anyone know why this happens?

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Re: closet doors swell

that's a first, never heard that one before...... my guess would be that the jamb shrinks and the door stays the same therefore making it appear that the door swells and sticks. i don't think it's possible for a door to swell when the humidity goes down, that breaks the law of physics.

Re: closet doors swell

I agree that it is wacky but I'm not sure how the jam would shrink. I have always suspected that it may be associated with the track that the doors hang on. I don't know why I think that but it is the only thing I have come up with because, as you said, the doors cannot swell without humidity but perhaps the nylon of the rollers is affected by the dry air and that pulls the doors together.

Re: closet doors swell

the only way a jamb will get smaller is paint build up.. if theres no humidity to cause it to swell.. too many layers of paint and it will become a tighter space..

case in point, when i build a new door jamb for a new interior door i cut my header 5/16" longer than the door itself if its raw jamb stock and a raw door.. by the time a coat of primer and two coats of finish paint are on im left with a slack 1/8" reveal at the sides of the door

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