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Closet Above Basement Stairs

I see a lot of "under the stairway" organization ideas. We have a closet over our basement stairs that is in our kitchen behind the cabinets, so wall can't be opened up. It was closed off when we moved in, with a 1950's built in "china cabinet" at the end which we replaced with an oak door. You look into the closet from the end so that it is narrow and deep/tall. It has 3 levels of "shelves", which look like 3 large stairs evenly distributed away from you as you look into the closet. It seemed like such a great find of wasted space, but since I cannot reach anything above the first level without a ladder, it seems like I waste the space. I have looked for ways to better utilize the space, but no one seems to address this type of closet. I would welcome any suggestions or ideas!

Re: Closet Above Basement Stairs

I think you are having the same issues as Iam. I have a set of extra steps that join two of our childrens bedrooms. Because we installed a central spiral staircase that joins all our levels I was going to eliminate these extra steps and place a closet above and below however I like our kids still having these steps to move between the two rooms and yet would like to still have a closet in the upstairs room. I thought the best solution (which took a while to consider) would be install a platform that comes from the back wall (height and depth depends on your head clearance. I'm looking at about 2ft from wall and @3ft from floor level as I'm on the 4th step by the time my head would hit the platform) then from that platform have folding steps (3,4 or 5) that pull down. One needs only stand on the second or third step to reach things. The folding steps would need to be hinged to the platform and when they swing up to be stored the steps need to be in line above each other so as not to take up closet space. Unfortunately the closest thing I can find is made by Kanon but they look to be industrial and expensive. I may contact them but still looking. see www.kanon.nl then check out their downloads. They are a Netherlands company but have an office in the US. If you have had luck since your posting let me know, otherwise good luck.

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