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Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets

The plumber replaced my old leaking faucets with an anti-scalding fawcet lever. He made a hole in the wall measuring approx 12 inches by 14 inches. The optional repair plate is too small ( 8 in X 6" ) to cover the hole. The plumber said to hire a tile layer to retile the wall. Is there a quick and easy way to repair the hole without removing and replacing all the tiles on the plumbing fixture wall? Thanks.

Re: Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets

Yes, Sheet plastic and duct tape.

The plumber was correct, you need an experienced tile man to properly waterproof and tile the shower. For quick answers, an extensive library, and the ability to post pictures, head on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum.

Re: Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets

A plumber did it to me when I bought my first rental property, many years ago, and he said the same thing: "I'm not a tile man, hire a tile man"...I was stunned and broke. But I didn't get mad.

Do you know what I did? I became a handyman, later a partner in a construction company.

Of course, you don't have to do that, but get used to the idea that some sub contractors wreck stuff to get to their job and pass the cost of repair to you...

Your solution: before you let them start, make sure that they bring whatever they demolish to the condition it was before - and make they put it in writing. Heck there are over 50 trades in home constructions - who can afford the fix up after each trade?

Re: Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets
Re: Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets

John, the OP now has a hole 12x14...this oversize cover plate won't cover the hole.

The thoughtless plumber caused more damage than his work was worth. Actually, he should be made to repair it. There are ways to repair it, if you have matching tiles and grout.

Re: Close Hole Around Bathtub Faucets

I think the plumber was correct but I am not sure about that.It will be a better solution if you go to a experience tile man and tell him about your problem.He will provide you better solution.

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